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Dependence/ふしだらな女 真昼に濡れる

Fushidara na onna mahiru ni nureru, 2006 Chasing one’s dream, finding love under extraordinary circumstances or gaining affirmation throughout adversity, are subjects which have long been part of the cinema going experience, as we often find them serving as crutches … Continue reading

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High Noon Ripper/真昼の切り裂き魔

Mahiru no Kirisakima, 1984 Since making his directorial debut in 1981, having graduated from an assistant position under the tutelage of prolific pink film masters such as Mamoru Watanabe and Shinya Yamamoto, Yojiro Takita had spent the better part of … Continue reading

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Naked Desire/オナニーシスター たぎる肉壺

Onanie Sister Tagiru Nikutsubo, 2015 With Japan continuing to find itself troubled by increasingly low fertility rates and high life expectancies, its government has scrambled over the years for solutions to its current population crisis.  As recently as 2014, it … Continue reading

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